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Terms & Conditions

PLEASE READ: Our products come with the promise of being free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.  However, some of our ingredients are added especially for their preservative-like properties.  Additional ingredients are shelf stable.  Certain essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  Beeswax and coconut oil also have anti-microbial properties. Our products are created in small batches to ensure quality, but there are also some things you can do at home to lengthen their shelf life.  Refrigerating products will lengthen their shelf life, especially if you do not use them daily.  Use within six months and always use clean hands when dipping into a jar.  Order as needed versus ordering in very large quantities, for personal use.  Chemical and preservative free products are the smart, superior choice for those wanting to live a more natural lifestyle.  We promise to never use propylene glycol, petrolatum or any other cancer-causing chemicals in any of our products.

As with any body or home care product, please read the ingredient list on the packaging to ensure there are no allergens to you or your family.  Although all of our products are made with minimal ingredients, no harsh chemicals and no preservatives, they are for use at your own risk.  Women who are pregnant or nursing, or those with young children should consult a physician before using any products containing essential oils.  

Although our all natural products are free of preservatives and therefore cannot be under any warranty, expressed or implied, we still value YOUR happiness as a customer!  Please contact us with any issues or concerns as soon as they arise.  We will do our best to leave you feeling happy and confident in your decision to choose all natural products by Bee Tree Lane for yourself, your family and friends!

We hope that you love our products and can feel good about your decision to live a more natural lifestyle! Please contact us with any questions or concerns!  The biggest compliment you can give is to share our website and products with your family and friends!

DISCLAIMER: Bee Tree Lane, LLC. is a privately owned corporation.  Its company name, logo and all products (including names) are owned solely by Bee Tree Lane and its owner.  Any infringement on the name(s) or products is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Have a healthy day!